Video Gaming | What is it?


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What is Video Gaming?


Video gaming is an exciting form of gaming entertainment that provides tremendous revenue generating opportunities worldwide. It is fast becoming a favorite among governmental jurisdictions looking to enhance revenues and players looking for alternative forms of leisure activity. This preference to both groups is due to the following:

Jurisdictions around the world have enjoyed these benefits of video gaming:


How does video gaming work?


Video gaming machines


Video Gaming Terminal (VGT)

- Gaming machine connected to the state central system via a network (e.g., telephone, wide-area). Clusters of VGTs are located at each site. The VGT generates and records an "event" for any change in status of the machine (security breach, door open, touch-screen error, etc). This event information is uploaded continuously from the gaming machine to the site controller, and to the state central system upon request.



Site Controller

- A microprocessor-controlled device that acts as the data management liaison between the site location VGTs and the state central system. The site controller performs two major tasks. First, to gather, store, and report gaming machine information to the central system; and second, to provide daily accounting performance, while also functioning as a central display point for gaming machine maintenance and security information.



State Central System

- The state central system resides at a secured location where it monitors and controls the activities of the entire video gaming terminal network. The system configuration and software are designed to provide high availability of operation and ensure absolute security of data.


Video Game Machine

Illinious video gaming