How to Improve Your Bar, Restaurant, Or Frat House.

1.)   Keep it Clean­- Maybe your regulars like the “rundown look” of the place, but new customers and visitors prefer to enter a clean establishment.


2.)   New Entertainment- If you are having the same events each week with no success then maybe it’s time to mix up the entertainment.


3.)   Add a video arcade or poker game­- This is an easy and fun solution to have for an establishment. People will enjoy the machines and keep ordering food or drinks.



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3 Ways to Improve at Poker

  1. Fold More: Poker newcomers often play too many hands, excited to actually play poker, thereby slowly diminishing their money piles and any hope of winning. Try folding on more hands to consolidate your efforts.
  2. Sober Up: Playing poker drunk causes sloppiness and often ends empty handed. Try playing sober for better chance at scoring a higher win.
  3. Read the Other Players: Learning to read the expressions of other players is key in poker. Everyone has a different tell, so learn to identify when someone is bluffing to increase your chances of winning.


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3 Ways to Improve Your Bar

  1. Specialty Cocktails: The recent prominence of mixology has increased patron sophistication. Offering cool, innovative specialty cocktails is a great way to stay on trend, and appeal to the young, trendy, spending crowds.
  2. Gourmet Snacks: Offering gourmet snacks is a great way to appeal to drinkers and foodies alike, thereby expanding your reachable clientele.
  3. Gaming Terminals: A night out at the bar and gambling go hand in hand. Installing a video gaming terminal in your bar is a great way to increase patronage and profits.


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